Rona Rubuntja Panangka Size: 31 x 23cm Terracotta and Underglazes
Rona Rubuntja Panangka, Hermannsburg pots The Finke River is a very important part of culture in the Western Aranda community of Ntaria (Hermannsburg). "When Kwatja time (rainy season) comes, so do the clouds, big, dark and heavy! When we are sleeping and we hear the rain belting down on the tin roof nuka Arkna Inthurra (we are really happy)! We run out side to see the rain falling down heavy on the ground. All the children, families and animals are really happy in Kwatja time! In the day we go and see Urlpaiya, full and flowing fast! Friends and family are really happy to see the river flowing. We know the fish have come, we can swim and camp out beside the river. The river cuts off the road to town but we are all really happy anyway. Urlpaiya has everything we need!"
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Material terracotta and underglazes
Dimensions 31 x 23cm
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