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Vale Kathleen Petyarre | Buy Aboriginal Art Online

Kathleen Petyarre artVale Kathleen Petyarre

We sadly say farewell to a senior artist from the Utopia community in Central Australia who passed away last week.

Kathleen Petyarre was born in the 1940’s at Utopia,  north-east of Alice Springs in Central Australia. 

Kathleen Petyarre art

'Bush Seed Dreaming'

She was one of the key Anmatyerre women involved in the successful claim for the freehold title, which led to the 1979 formal hand-over of the Utopia pastoral lease back to its traditional owners.

Kathleen's paintings directly refer to her 'Dreamings' and the associated country around Utopia and include Mountain Devil Lizard (Arnkerrthe) and Women Collecting Bush Seeds. 

Kathleen is the mother of Margaret Loy Pula and grandmother to Abie Loy Kemarre

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