Peter Hudson at National Portrait Gallery

Peter Hudson at National Portrait Gallery

Portraits of two of Peter Hudson's favourite musicians are showing at National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

The exhibition 'Pub Rock' celebrates the people, places and sounds of Australian pub rock and its enduring impact on the nation’s identity. Peter Hudson’s portraits of Kev Carmody and Neil Murray are exhibiting in the 'Protest!' section.

Peter Hudson is a landscape and portrait painter who lives and works in Maleny, Queensland.

'Making a portrait is not a natural or instinctive thing for me to do as the process can be incredibly difficult, and often stressful. When the decision is made to begin a portrait, I am acutely aware my nemesis will be lurking close by and sure to bring two potential dangers, one, the painting could fall apart, and two, I could let down or disappoint a personal hero' says Peter.

Peter has been particularly influenced by a keen interest in Aboriginal Australian post colonisation. He has spent much time in the North Tanami desert in Gurindji country after becoming intrigued with the Wave Hill walk off.

His paintings and drawings have a deep connection to country and the natural world.

Peter Hudson exhibits regularly, has won a number of regional art prizes, and is represented in the collections of the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory and Parliament House in Brisbane.

To view more of Peter's work - click here.

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