Mitchell Fine Art is proud to announce the representation of Brisbane based artist Kim Wilson.

Wilson's critical practice examines the world around us and forensically examines our relationship with the natural environment. Her work is deeply imbued with her love of and intense desire to preserve our global habitat.

Heavily influenced by her extensive travels to some of the remotest corners of the world, her art is saturated with a desire to present sublime imagery of our delicate natural environment.

Kim's works are often snippets of a scene, regardless of the dimensions of the canvas. Intrigued by the intimate detail and minutiae that nature has to offer she finds beauty in the quiet mess of things that are often overlooked in favour of the grand display.

This is evident in her art. Her hyper realistic depictions of our world serve to highlight what we have and what we stand to lose if we are not careful.

Kim Wilson will participate in the upcoming group exhibition ‘Twenty’ from 10th November 2021 . This will be ahead of her first solo show with Mitchell Fine Art in 2022.

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To view more of Kim Wilson artworks - click here


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