Mitchell Fine Art - Gallery Stockroom May 2020

Mitchell Fine Art - Gallery Stockroom May 2020

'Snowy Mountains I' 
Ann Thomson
28 x 37.5cm (framed: 47 x 56.5cm), gouache on paper

Sydney based artist Ann Thomson is known for her expressive and energetic paintings. Thomson’s artworks represent visual memories of places and things with vibrant colours and movement.

Her paintings are drawn from memories and experiences of places and things. Those memories and experiences are in themselves vast and colourful. Her works are not intended to replicate a scene or a landscape, the intention is to evoke the sense of place and the associated feelings that are induced.

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Polly Ngale 'Anwekety (Bush Plum Dreaming)'

'Anwekety (Bush Plum Dreaming)' A15008
Polly Ngale
60 x 60cm, acrylic on linen

Polly Ngale (Ngala) was born around 1940 at Utopia, approx 270kms north east of Alice Springs in Central Australia. She is part the Anmatyerre tribe and one of the senior custodians from the Utopia community. Polly started her career in the 1980s, making silks as part of the batik project before moving onto painting. 

In her paintings Polly portrays the traditional bush plum or conkerberry using various shades to depict the contours of her country and the varying seasonal palette. She builds up layer upon layer of colour creating a multi-dimensional effect to reveal the bush plum and her country in all its glory. 

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Min-Woo Bang 'Night Clouds'

'Night Clouds'
Min-Woo Bang
51 x 51cm (framed: 53.5 x 53.5cm), oil on linen

Landscape painter Min-Woo Bang attended the South Korean National Art High School before immigrating to NSW. His cloudscape paintings are both ethereal and mesmerising.

Struck with the charm of the Australian landscape and the absolute enormity of our skies Min-Woo Bang’s primary subject matter is the allure of our natural surroundings and the ephemeral beauty of our skies.

Min-Woo Bang is a finalist in the 2020 John Leslie Art Prize at the Gippsland Art Gallery.

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George Ward Tjungurrayi 'Tingari (Men's Dreaming)'

'Tingari' A14953
George Ward Tjungurrayi
60 x 60cm, acrylic on linen

George Ward Tjungurrayi was born near Kiwirrkurra. It was only in his teenage years that he first encountered Europeans, when a commonwealth welfare patrol came upon his family group camped by a desert waterhole.

In 2004 George Ward Tjungurrayi won the 2004 Wynne Art Prize at the Art Gallery of New South Wales for his topographical depiction of the Western Desert. He has also exhibited in many galleries throughout Australia and worldwide. 

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