Gallery Stockroom Highlights - Sept 2019

Gallery Stockroom Highlights - Sept 2019

Mitchell Fine Art Gallery Fortitude Valley Brisbane

Betsy Lewis Napangardi art
'Women's Dreaming' A13888
Betsy Lewis Napangardi
90 x 120cm acrylic on linen

Betsy Lewis Napangardi was born circa 1938, west of Yuendumu in the Tanami Desert in Central Australia and lived a traditional nomadic life in the desert until she was a teenager.  She is the older sister of Telstra Award winning artist, Dorothy Napangardi (dec).

This painting depicts the “Women’s Dreaming”. It shows the travels of the Napangardi and Napanangka women who travelled east gathering food and performing ceremonies. The central motifs in this painting represent the landscape of the country surrounding Yuendumu. During their travels the women collected ‘Ngalyipi’ (Snake vine) and performed ceremonies.

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$450 per month
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 Mitjili Napurrula art for sale

'Watiya Juta' A16573
Mitjili Napurrula
120 x 180cm acrylic on linen

Mitjili Napurrula is a Pintupi woman from the Haasts Bluff region, located 200 km west of Alice Springs in Central Australia. She is half-sister to renowned indigenous artist Turkey Tjupurrula Tolson and is also a custodian of the Kulata (Spear) Tjukurrpa story.

Mitjili’s works are characterised by bold colour and strikingly original forms and she often depicts the country around Haasts Bluff (Ikuntji) in the Kintore Ranges. The iconography that Mitjili uses in many of her paintings represents the women's side of the Tjukurrpa story, showing the trees (Watiya) that provide the wood for spear shafts and other objects. Her brother Turkey Tolsen painted the Dreaming associated with the spear making itself.

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$750 per month
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 Mirra Whale art

'Morgan Street Sidewalk Rose
Mirra Whale

51 x 41cm oil on linen

Mirra Whale is a Sydney based artist who depicts everyday, 'banal and commonplace' subjects and explores the idea of finding beauty in the simplest of objects.

Mirra has been a finalist in several art prizes including The Archibald Prize (five times), Kedumba Drawing Award, Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize, Salon Des Refuses, Portia Geach Portrait Prize, A.M.E Bale Art Prize, Hornsby Art Prize and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize.
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$280 per month
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Kudditji Kngwarreye paintings for sale 

'My Country' A4670
Kudditji Kngwarreye
50 x 63cm acrylic on canvas

 Kudditji Kngwarreye was born circa 1928 in the Central Australian desert and lived a traditional life prior to western contact. Prior to his artistic career he had numerous jobs including a stockman.

With a heavy loaded brush he paints his country with broad strokes and a combination of bold colours and soft fusions, accentuating the natural colours of land and sky over various seasons. This is his grandfather’s story and shows a secret place that is for men only.

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$180 per month
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