Mitchell Fine Art - Gallery Stockroom August 2020

Mitchell Fine Art - Gallery Stockroom August 2020

'Wakirlpirri Jukurrpa (Dogwood Tree Dreaming)'
Liddy Walker Napanangka
90 x 120cm | acrylic on linen

Liddy Walker Napanangka was born at Mt Doreen in Central Australia around 1925 and spent her younger years living with her family in bush camps. 

Liddy started painting on canvas not long after Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Association’s established in the mid 1980’s and painted her father's and grandfather’s Dreaming which relate to her land, its features and the animals. 

Sadly, Liddy Walker Napanangka died in 2017.

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Deirdre Bean 'Spoon and Fig'

'Spoon and Fig' 
Deirdre Bean
21 x 18cm (framed Size: 39 x 36cm) | graphite and watercolour on paper 

Deirdre Bean is an internationally awarded natural history artist. Her artworks in watercolour on paper and vellum are painstakingly executed over many hours.

Influenced by traditional painting methods, Deirdre brings her fine illustrative style into a fresh contemporary practice inspired by the natural world. Deirdre paints her subjects closely, revealing intricate detail and perfect forms that the eye sometimes misses. She sources her subjects from field trips and methodically composes her paintings in the studio.

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Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa 'Fire Dreaming' MK17905

'Fire Dreaming' MK17905

Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa
90 x 90cm | acrylic on linen

Maureen Hudson Nampitjinpa began painting in the early 1980’s. Her paintings are of traditional Warlpiri Dreaming stories, in which her own sense of colour and design have been incorporated.

Her paintings originate from “Warlukalongu” - her father’s and grandfather’s country. Her Dreamings include Emu, Flying Ant, Possum, Bush Onion, Fire, Water and Women’s Ceremonies, which have been passed down from her mother’s involvement in traditional ceremony.

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Carlos Barrios art - 'Studio' 92x92cm

Carlos Barrios
92 x 92cm | acrylic on linen

Carlos Barrios, born in El Salvador in Central America, now lives and works in Queensland. His father was an archaeologist and he grew up exploring remnants of ancient cultures and surrounded by artifacts and art.

Carlos Barrios began painting figures and creatures from his imagination at the age of six. The main focus of his artworks are to paint the good he believes is in everyone. This is the reason many of his paintings are filled with figures, “I must paint people”, Barrios explains.

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