Margaret Loy Pula at Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art

Published on 6 Mar 2017 12:41:41 pm

Margaret Loy Pula Anatye

Margaret Loy Pula features in an exhibition currently showing at the Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art (HVCCA) in the United States.

'Between I & Thou’ is an exhibition which includes artists from many different areas of the globe and explores interconnections between the personal, cultural, religious and national.

The works reflect the human need to tell the story of self and society, offering a rich conversation about the sameness and differentness among us.

There is an emphasis on the inclusion of senior artists whose works cogently reflect lives lived across significant changes in history.

'Between I & Thou’ celebrates diversity.

 Margaret Loy Pula Anatye

 'Anatye (Bush Potato)

Hailing from Utopia in Central Australia Margaret Loy Pula continues a legacy that dates back through millennia. Painting traditional stories handed down from her father she depicts her homelands, bush foods and ceremonial designs using a series of finely detailed dots.

Pula paints her culture and her father’s dreaming. Her main story is “Anatye” or Bush Potato dreaming. The painting portrays a plant that is important food source to the Anmatyerre people. Margaret has been exposed to art for most of her life having grown up in the small community where she still resides.

This is an exhibition seeking to touch upon the common hopes, needs and dreams that must take us, as human beings, to that which leads to a more caring and peaceful existence, one is modelled within the ‘I in Thou’.

 Artists: Cristina Arnold, Laura Battle, Peter Bynum, Orly Cogan, Leonardo Drew, Camille Eskell, Christian Guðmundsson, Erika Harrsch, Meg Hitchcock, Chris Jones, Barbara Korman, Cal Lane, Katherine Mangiardi, Todd Murphy, Brigitte NaHoN, Susan Obrant, Jong Oh, Margaret Loy Pula, Liz Quisgard, Raquel Rabinovich, Asya Reznikov, Faith Ringgold, Aminah Robinson (Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson), Antonio Santin, Yardena Donig Youner, Jayoung Yoon, Judith Zabar.

 The exhibition is showing at the Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art (HVCCA) in New York until Dec 17th 2017.

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Nancy Kunoth Petyarre, c1938 Utopia Central Australia

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