Janet Golder Kngwarreye paints SMEG fridge

Published on 30 Nov 2014 12:01:00 pm

Utopian artist, Janet Golder Kngwarreye painted a black Smeg FAB28 fridge to mark the National Architecture Awards, held in Darwin in November 2014.

The Australian Institute of Architects’ Awards, held annually, is hosted by the Australian Institute of Architects [AIA], Australia’s leading architectural industry body encompassing education and professional development, a comprehensive events calendar and state and national awards for architectural excellence.

Janet is a member of the Anmatyerre, an indigenous community from Boundary Bore in the Utopia region, 1600km south of Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Janet’s paintings depict the story of ‘Bush Leaves’, a native Australian bush from that region.

Janet painting ‘Bush Leaves’

Traditionally women from Janet’s Anmatyerre tribe would go into the desert to collect bush foods such as plums, tomatoes, onions and leaves, which were abundant after the rain.  These foods were taken back to the tribe, cooked over an open fire and eaten.  It is these sweet tastings leaves that illustrate Janet’s paintings.

Janet parents, Sammy Petyarre and Margaret Golder are also established artists; she grew up watching her family paint and learning the stories and dreamings of her tribe.

Click here for the time-lapse video of Janet painting ‘Bush Leaves’.

The fridge currently resides in pride of place in Smeg’s Botany Bay head office in Sydney.

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