2017 Gallipoli Art Prize Finalist - David Hayes

Published on 27 Mar 2017 2:12:33 PM

Congratulations to Brisbane artist David Hayes on his selection as a finalist in the 2017 Gallipoli Art Prize for his work 'Man Down'.

The Gallipoli Art Prize is an annual art prize that commemorates the legacy of those heroes who fought on the Gallipoli Peninsula in 1915 and is held at the Gallipoli Memorial Club in Sydney.

David Hayes artist

Of this work David says -

'My artistic practice utilizes metaphorical representations to illustrate concepts of masculinity. This painting is intended as a haunting and poignant depiction of the enduring memory of the men of Gallipoli.

The sounds of gunfire have long since dissipated in the air, and the colour of the spilled blood has faded into the soil, but far from forgotten is the character, the spirit and the courage of these young men.

I don’t know each man’s name, I don’t know what each man’s struggle was, and I don’t know what they thought in those moments on their own. But I can feel that they have helped shape me through our common heritage of never letting a mate down.

My collected thoughts rest on the tangible nature of the surviving ephemera of an ethereal time and place. My composition considers the survivors, the fallen, the symbols of bravery and love, and centrally the eternal flame of remembrance – lest we forget.'         

Winners will be announced on Wednesday 19th April 2017.

Mitchell Fine Art will host a solo exhibition of David's works from the 25th October - 18 November 2017.

To view more of David Hayes works click here. To register your interest in new works email admin@mitchellfineartgallery.com or ph: (07) 3254 2297.

Opening Friday May 12th, ‘Observations’ is Bernard Ollis’ third solo exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art.

Congratulations to David Hayes on his selection as a finalist in the 2017 Gallipoli Art Prize.


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