Mitchell Fine Art at Art Stage Singapore January 2017

Published on 28 Nov 2016 5:35:00 pm

 Art Stage Singapore 2017

Art Stage Singapore Exhibition - 12 to 15th January 2017


Mitchell Fine Art will exhibit for the second year at Art Stage Singapore in January 2017 with the works of three highly acclaimed Australian artists; Margaret Loy Pula, Lily Kelly Napangardi and Joel Rea.

Held at Marina Bay Sands from Thursday 12th January until Sunday 15th January 2017, Art Stage Singapore presents a diverse range of selected galleries from across Asia and the world. In 2016 the event showcased 170 galleries from 33 countries and 30 global cities.

Margaret Loy Pula returns to Singapore for her second year after considerable attention and success at the fair in 2016. Pula mesmerised fair goers with her intricate dot work depicting her primary subject ‘Anatye’, the wild yam (Bush Potato). More than just a source of sustenance the bush potato holds a deep spiritual significance to the Anmatyerre people of Central Australia. 

Hailing from the remote community of Utopia in Central Australia, Pula has been exposed to art her entire life. Hers is a culture rich in symbolism and iconography. The Anmatyerre employ a visual and verbal record of ancient belief and custom rather than a written one. As such art is a part of everyday life from dance, ceremony and instruction to the uninitiated. Pula continues a legacy that dates back millennia. Painting traditional stories handed down from her father she depicts homelands, bush foods and ceremonial designs using a patternation of elaborate dot work.

In the 1980’s Utopia experienced a creative revolution as they were introduced to modern art mediums and a means of articulating ancient traditional stories in a contemporary context. It exposed a rich vein of immense innate artistic talent. Talent that had been honed by the consistency of its application across the broader cultural and social aspects of life.

Pula did not pursue her own art however until 2007. She is now being touted as one of the most exciting emerging artists to come of the central deserts.

In 2012 Pula was the first Indigenous artist to win the prestigious Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize in South Australia.

In 2011 she was the first female artist to win the Sunshine Coast Art Prize and in the same year the first female artist to win the Paddington Art Prize (Sydney).

She has been a finalist in the Wynne Prize (NSW), Sulman Prize (NSW), Blake Prize (NSW), Gold Coast Art Prize (QLD), Fleurieu Art Prize (SA). 


Margaret Loy Pula Anatye

Margaret Loy Pula

2017 will be the first-time Lily Kelly Napangardi and Joel Rea will exhibit at Art Stage Singapore, but it is not their first time receiving international recognition.

Napangardi’s paintings have been acquired in some of the worlds most significant collections; Musée du quai Branly (Paris), Groninger Museum (The Netherlands), and The National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) and many more.

Known for her ‘Tali’ or Sand Hill inspired paintings Napangardi’s paintings depict a topography of her country near Kintore, its sand hills, its winds and the desert environment after rain. A story passed from her grandfather.

Napangardi, like Pula, employs detailed dot work to depict her subject. Through varying patterns and colour combinations both women have a way of creating the illusion of depth and movement on a 2D, fixed canvas.

Born at Haasts Bluff in 1948 Lily Kelly Napangardi moved to the newly established settlement of Papunya in the 1960's.

Napangardi is a senior law woman of the Watiyawanu community, near Haasts Bluff, north-west of Alice Springs in central Australia. She is responsible for the Women's Dreaming story associated with Kunajarrayi, and is now teaching younger women traditional dancing and singing.

Napangardi won the Northern Territory Art Award for Excellence in Aboriginal Painting in 1986 and the General Painting category of the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA) in 2003.

In January 2006, she was named as one of Australia’s 50 most collectable artists by Australian Art Collector magazine.

Joel Rea has also had international acclaim exhibiting in New York City and London.

Joel Rea graduated from Queensland College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Art in 2003 and continues to work and live in Queensland.

Identifying as a contemporary surrealist painter, Rea creates imagined scenarios that represent and deal with the issues of the present. All constructed in his recognisable hyperrealistic style, Rea’s work is a meld of political, social and environmental commentary.

''My working life as an artist consists of meticulously moving paint whilst absorbing numerous sources of audio information via the internet. My hunger for knowledge grows at an accelerated rate but ultimately I am within a universe of constant distraction, a mental state of constant fantasy, memory and imagination constraint by my animal body.” Joel Rea 2016.

Rea has exhibited frequently in Australia and more recently in the UK and the USA. Rea has been highly recognised for his oil paintings in many prestigious art awards throughout Australia. In 2013 Rea was the Winner of the 2013 ANL Maritime Art Award (VIC), and has been a finalist in numerous other Australian art prizes including the Moran National Portrait Prize (NSW), Salon Des Refuses (NSW), Black Swan Art Prize (WA), Fleurieu Landscape Prize (SA) and the Sulman Prize (NSW).

Mitchell Fine Art is proud to represent all artists on this international stage.


Where: STAND D20, Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singpaore

When: 12th – 15th January 2017


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