Art in the Office

Published on 24 Feb 2017 3:33:15 PM

Displaying artwork in the office can increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

Well placed art can create a stylish work space for employees and clients

Rather than having a bare, clean working environment enhancing a space by adding visual art can make people feel much happier and work better.

Why is this the case?:

Art affects the atmosphere of a room - a piece of artwork can add personality to a space in or around the office.

Art in the Office

Art inspires and unlocks creative potential
 -  The inspiration a person feels when looking at art unlocks creative potential, helping to generate innovative ideas.

Art improves employee experiences - giving employees something beautiful to look at where they spend most their day can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction, productivity, and wellbeing.  

Art helps connect with clients -  hanging art in the office or the reception area can make a client feel comfortable and even connect with them on an emotional level.

Corporate Art

Buying art for an office or work space is also tax deductible. Recent amendments to tax rules allow an immediate write-off for items that cost less than $20,000, making art an increasingly attractive purchase for a business.

Mitchell Fine Art are available to provide advice and assistance for the purchase of artworks for your office boardroom, reception area and employee work spaces.

With an extensive inventory of high-quality artworks and the business' long term expertise in the art world our team is dedicated to providing a quality experience.

We can provide onsite advice for your specific space needs and also assist with framing, transportation and hanging requirements.

To discuss this further, please contact Mitchell Fine Art on (07) 3254 2297 or email


Opening Friday May 12th, ‘Observations’ is Bernard Ollis’ third solo exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art.

Congratulations to David Hayes on his selection as a finalist in the 2017 Gallipoli Art Prize.


Margaret Loy Pula exhibiting at the Hudson Valley Centre for Contemporary Art in the US.