Matthew Cheyne | The half skeleton of Pauline France


Matthew Cheyne

Size: 121 x 75cm

Framed Size: 134.5 x 88cm

Ink and coloured pencil on rice paper and cotton rag 


Matthew Cheyne

“My drawing method is a practical, as much as aesthetic response to
my colour blindness. I use bright colours that I can easily distinguish and layer them sequentially.

This medical skeleton (Pauline France, according to the box) had already served several generations of doctor when my uncle inherited it in the 60’s. In a strange echo of my multi-coloured drawing technique, the bones are covered in lovely pink, green and blue lines drawn by various owners to indicate the muscle attachments.

It’s beautiful - practical, humane and somehow friendly.”

More Information
Material Ink and coloured pencil on rice paper and cotton rag
Dimensions 121 x 75cm
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