Matthew Cheyne | Party Boat


Matthew Cheyne
Size: 210 x 270cm
oil on canvas

A party boat, for me, encapsulates the idea of attraction-repulsion. It’s impossible not to be struck by simultaneous notions of, “They look like they’re having fun,” and, “I’m so glad I’m not on that boat”.

As the genesis of the idea, it is only the jumping off point (absolutely no pun intended). The painting is also an attempt to capture notions of group identity; the duality of darkness lit as a party; an ominous leisure poised between merriment and disaster; formal pictorial and compositional elements; flatness and depth; movement and stasis; realism and abstraction; all balanced in such a way that you are not left at one end or the other.

- Matthew Cheyne, 2021

More Information
Material oil on canvas
Dimensions 210 x 270cm
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