Margaret Turner Petyarre | Kangaroo Tucker MK18266


Margaret Turner Petyarre
Size: 90 x 116cm
Acrylic on Linen 

Margaret Turner Petyarre

This painting shows Margaret’s depiction of ‘Kangaroo Tucker’, a vine that grows on the ground and is a main food source for the Kangaroos. During drought periods the vine does not grow, and food becomes scarce for the Kangaroos. The Anmatyerre people hunt the Kangaroos. Margaret said in that in the old days the men would hunt the Kangaroos with spears, but today they use guns. Margaret said the young boys are not learning how to make the spears. “In the future no one will know how to make the spears”.

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Materialacrylic on linen
Dimensions90 x 116cm
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