George Gittoes | The Table


George Gittoes
Size: 60 x 91cm
oil on linen

"Back at the 1970-71 Yellow House I did a painting titled Westmorland (the name of the General commanding the troops in Vietnam) as a reaction to the Kent State killings in the US of anti-war protestors. In that painting the female head has been severed and pokes her tongue out at General Westmoreland like the ghost of one of the martyred students. I remember listening to Bob Dylan singing Masters of War while painting it and agreed
with Bob that “all their money would never save their souls”. This work became part of a suite of 4 etchings titled The Kent State Suite, prints of which are now in the Kent State University Museum as well as the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas.

Hearing of the death of Helen Reddy I decided to go back to this subject and link it to #METOO and the feminist struggle that has gone on in many homes, streets and places of employment since Helen Reddy’s I Am Woman song came out as a rallying cry for women all over the world in 1972.

The antagonist at the other side of the table has switched from General Westmoreland to Harvey Weinstein." - George Gittoes

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Materialoil on linen
Dimensions60 x 91cm
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