George Gittoes | Security


George Gittoes
Size: 168 x 244cm
oil on linen

"In the name of keeping us safe from ‘terrorists’ our government and military intelligence agencies have put us under minute observation. We no longer have rights to privacy with our telephones or emails. Facial recognition, our credit cards and social media allow everything to be tracked and used to control and manipulate us. Surveillance cameras everywhere (even in our personal computers) record our activities.

In China, people are rewarded or punished on the basis of conformity to the will of the Central Government, gauged by ‘likes’ and such interactions on their iPhones.

The rest of the world is moving the same way, with those in Intelligence and Police pressuring for more opportunities to ‘crack down on crime and lawlessness’. Drones and robots are being used increasingly as enforcers.

Security is about how the cure can be worse than the threat." - George Gittoes

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Material oil on linen
Dimensions 168 x 244cm
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