George Gittoes | Night Vision Virus Squad


George Gittoes

Size: 160 x 200cm

oil on canvas


George Gittoes 

1999 - 2020

‘It is the time of the Corona Virus and I have decided to go back to writing. Night Vision and the story of Virus Squad. During this forced isolation, this story has been adapted into a graphic novel. The Night character is loosely based on my own biography in a fantasy realist sense.

This has been my private memoir – another parallel life lived in an alternative universe – a cathartic exercise to relieve the actual horrors I have witnessed at too many, unnecessary, wars. It is not easy going over my past – and perhaps I will be able to bring the story up to the present. Things have not slowed down or gotten less weird.

This painting was started in late 90s and relates to the Night Vision – Virus Squad story. It was only finished recently when doing the comic.’

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Material oil on canvas
Dimensions 160 x 200cm
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