George Gittoes | Gatekeepers


George Gittoes
Size: 183 x 214cm
oil on linen

"This painting is a development from my 1972 etching, painting and drawing Pussy. During the period of the Kings Cross Yellow House I drove a St George cab to help finance my work as an artist. It was the time of US soldiers coming to Sydney on R&R from the Vietnam War.

The soldiers referred to girls as ‘pussy’ and in my art I depicted them as being like large predator cats with little soft prey in their mouths.

For Gatekeepers I gave the predators bodies. In this 2020 work they represent the police and armies who keep dictators and unwanted governments in power regardless of the will of the people. Around the world, and most recently in Belarus and Venezuela, masses have protested corrupt elections to no avail as the army and police have arrested and brutalised them. It seems that democracy does not matter while the army and police stay loyal to the leadership.

The gatekeepers of my painting are flanked by security monitoring screens. They are fed money, bones, and sex." - George Gittoes

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Material oil on linen
Dimensions 183 x 214cm
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