George Gittoes | Blindfolded


George Gittoes
Size: 183 x 214cm
oil on linen

"This painting has precedents in Pieter Bruegel’s Blind leading the Blind and Singer Sargent’s Gassed. It also links to my earlier work Blindfolded Leading the Blindfolded the source of which can be seen in my film Miscreants of Taliwood (a feature documentary) where the narration goes “we live in a world where no one knows where we are going or who is leading us.”

In the film there is the very real image of Al Qaeda and Taliban prisoners tied together in a row and being led away from the siege of the Red Mosque (Islamabad) by CIA and Pakistani Intelligence Officers. The prisoners have had their belts taken from their trousers and their heads are covered. They cannot see where they are being taken but know they will end up being tortured in dark prisons, like Guantanamo Bay and worse.

Blindfolded (2020) has eyeless people on the roof of a city skyscraper – roped together like prisoners – with the person in the lead taking them over the edge. I have intentionally created an extreme sense of vertigo. The only individual with eyes is a small child, but some of the adults are already over the edge with the rest about to follow.

This painting is a metaphor for the lack of vision in our world where we know about the inevitability of ecological disaster and human conflict but keep stepping further into a negative future." - George Gittoes

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Materialoil on linen
Dimensions183 x 214cm
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