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Aboriginal Artefacts

Australian Aboriginal artefacts include a variety of cultural artefacts used by Aboriginal Australians. Spears, clubs, boomerangs and shields were used generally as weapons for hunting and in warfare. 

Lorrkon or hollow log coffins are central to the funeral ceremonial process undertaken by the Indigenous people of Western Arnhem Land in Northern Australia. The log is sourced from a termite hollowed stringybark tree which is adorned with tribal motifs.

Mitchell Fine Art showcases a diverse range of high-quality Australian Aboriginal artefacts which can be purchased securely online or via the Gallery in Fortitude Valley.

  1. Lorrkon: Ron Manyita (L11)

    221 x 15cm

    acrylic on hollowed wooden log

  2. Lorrkon: Valerie Dhamaranji (L07)

    123 x 16cm

    acrylic on hollowed wooden log

  3. Lorrkon: Valerie Dhamaranji (L03)

    146 x 14cm

    acrylic on hollowed wooden log

  4. Lorrkon: Artist Unknown (L02)

    137 x 10cm

    acrylic on hollowed wooden log

  5. Artefact: Transitional Boomerang AA35

    43 x 6cm

    wooden artefact

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