Carlos Barrios | 'Transcendence'

February - May 2017

Carlos Barrios was born in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America and now lives and works in the Southern Highlands in New South Wales. His father was an archaeologist and he grew up exploring remnants of ancient cultures and surrounded by artifacts and art.

The exhibition 'Transcendence' explores the relationships within families. With strong connections to family his subject matter includes the human form, nature and spirits. From an early age in El Salvador, he was exposed to ancient traditions and culture by his archaeologist father. His figurative imagery draws heavily from these early influences, with his paintings reminiscent of early South American iconography. 

This body of work explores the emotional side of this move as he searches for that harmony that unifies family and creativity. 

Barrios has been a finalist in several art prizes including the Blake Prize, Sulman Prize, NSW Plein Air Art Prize and the Fisher Ghost Art Prize.

The work will be exhibiting at the Sofitel Brisbane Central in Turbot St from Feburary until June 2017.

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