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'Transcendence' | Carlos Barrios

19th October - 12th November 2016

OPENING NIGHT: Friday 21st October, 6 - 8pm (with Barrios attending)

ARTIST TALK: Saturday 22nd October, 11am

Opening at Mitchell Fine Art on Friday 21st October, ‘Transcendence’ is the latest solo exhibition by Central American figurative artist Carlos Barrios. Originally from El Salvador, Barrios emigrated to Australia over 20 years ago. For the last several years he has worked closely with one of Australia’s most celebrated artists, John Olsen. Such is the esteem in which he holds Barrios, Olsen has taken him under his wing and continues to mentor him.

The catalyst for ‘Transcendence’ is an imminent relocation of the artist and his family from the Southern Highlands of NSW to Queensland. The exhibition explores the relationships within families and the excitement and turbulence that are a by-product of great change. It explores the conflicting emotions and trepidation that arises from an event such as this. It is an explosion of colour, passion and excitement as they look North.

With strong connections to family his subject matter includes the human form, nature and spirits. From an early age in El Salvador, he was exposed to ancient traditions and culture by his archaeologist father. His figurative imagery draws heavily from these early influences, with his paintings reminiscent of early South American iconography.

This body of work explores the emotional side of this move as he searches for that harmony that unifies family and creativity. 

Carlos Barrios has been a finalist in several art prizes including the Blake Prize, Sulman Prize, NSW Plein Air Art Prize and the Fisher Ghost Art Prize. 


  1. Freedom Sold

    mixed media on paper

    62 x 78cm

  2. Sunshine and Waves Sold
    Sunshine and Waves

    mixed media on linen

    150 x 140cm

  3. Carlos Barrios - Hawaii Bird and Turtle - 78x63cm Sold
    Hawaii Bird and Turtle

    mixed media on paper

    78 x 63cm

  4. God Loves the Dog


    27 x 36cm

  5. Dude with Cap


    57 x 30cm

  6. Carlos barrios | Face III


    19 x 20cm

  7. Head III


    23 x 20cm

  8. Face II


    21 x 23cm

  9. Carlos Barrios - Untitled - Nice Journey - 140x150cm Sold
    Nice Journey

    oil on linen

    140 x 150cm

  10. Carlos Barrios - Caramba - Currumbin - 78x63cm Sold
    Caramba - Currumbin

    mixed media on paper

    78 x 63cm

  11. Carlos Barrios - Lullaby - 75x97cm Sold

    oil on linen

    75 x 97cm

  12. Green Lady

    oil on linen

    150 x 140cm

  13. Carlos Barrios - From the Harbour to Currumbin - 191x243cm Sold
    From the Harbour to Currumbin

    mixed media on handmade paper

    200 x 200cm

  14. Carlos Barrios | Flying Lady

    oil on linen

    191 x 243cm

  15. Carlos Barrios - Sharing the Source - 109x62cm Sold
    Sharing the Source

    oil on linen

    109 x 62cm

  16. Carlos Barrios - River of Love - 63x78cm Sold
    River of Love

    mixed media on paper

    63 x 78cm

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