Vincent - Noor Gul


George Gittoes

Size: 123 x 105cm

Oil on Linen

This work was painted in 2014 as a result of Gittoes time in Afghanistan. It was while filming in Jalalabad for a documentary about the boys who sell ice-cream that Gittoes came across the vendor Noor Gul, who bore bears an uncanny resemblance to Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh has been an ongoing source of inspiration for George throughout his artistic life. 

Noor Gul had the red hair, blue eyes and the angular cheekbones of an Afghan warrior class, and looked exactly like Van Gogh as the artist painted himself.

Gittoes painted Gul's portrait in the post-expressionist style of van Gogh, then asked Gul to draw van Gogh's likeness, later transposing Gul's ''wild'' sketches onto his canvas to create what Gittoes feels to be a 'genuine collaboration''.

More Information
material oil on linen
Dimensions 123 x 105cm
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