'Fodder' | Mirra Whale

24th July - 17th August 2019

2019 Archibald Prize finalist Mirra Whale explores the idea of finding beauty in the simplest of objects in her first solo exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art. Sydney based painter, printmaker and drawer, Mirra Whale uses her artworks to explore the aesthetics of everyday objects in her exhibition Fodder’. 

“I want to find beauty in the simplest of objects” says Whale. “To chase shadows that reach across the walls with fleeting light”.

Eluding to objects sometimes considered to be of little significance, for Mirra Whale, ‘Fodder’ is the ‘stuff’ people tend to accumulate over time in their private spaces.  These are the things that interest her as she aims to find the splendor in these ‘bits and pieces’. My paintings are an intimate tribute to the everyday possessions that we surround ourselves with – the fodder of life”. 

Challenging our understanding of these objects Whale presents them in a traditional still life composition. Celebrating the potential beauty of these common place objects, that are so often excluded from traditional still life artworks.

Mirra Whale has also added ceramicist to her repertoire with a series of delicate still life drawings on hand made ceramic platters that will hang alongside numerous intricate oil paintings and works on paper.



  1. Mirra Whale - Smoked trout - 27x56cm Sold
    Smoked Trout

    stoneware with underglaze

    27 x 56 cm

  2. Mirra Whale - Prawns Sold
    Prawns, Trout and Sardines

    stoneware with underglaze

    34 x 37 cm

  3. Mirra Whale - Feast from the sea 2 - 42x41cm Sold
    Feast from the Sea 2

    stoneware with underglaze

    42 x 41 cm

  4. Mirra Whale | Feast from the sea 1

    stoneware with underglaze

    44 x 44 cm

  5. Mirra Whale - Blue swimmer crab and sardines - 38x38cm Sold
    Blue Swimmer Crab and Sardines

    stoneware with underglaze

    38 x 38 cm

  6. Mirra Whale - Artichoke and calamari - 31x39cm Sold
    Artichoke and Calamari

    stoneware with underglaze

    31 x 39 cm

  7. Mirra Whale - Sardines with lemon - 20x25cm Sold
    Sardines with lemon

    oil on board

    20 x 25cm

  8. Mirra Whale - Sardines and half lemon - 20x25cm Sold
    Sardines and half lemon

    oil on board

    20 x 25cm

  9. Mirra Whale - Sprats and Vino - 41x51cm Sold
    Sprats and vino

    oil on linen

    41 x 51cm

  10. Mirra Whale - Mackerel and sardines - 61x76cm Sold
    Mackerel and sardines

    oil on linen

    61 x 76cm

  11. Mirra Whale - Garfish with Celia's bowl - 40x60cm Sold
    Garfish with Celia's bowl

    oil on canvas

    40 x 60cm

  12. Mirra Whale - Sal's Jug and Oysters - 35x37cm Sold
    Sal's jug and oysters

    oil on linen

    35 x 37cm

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