Fine Detail (Sofitel)

1st Apr - 31st July 2015

‘Fine Detail’ is an exhibition showcasing the delicate detailed dot work of contemporary Aboriginal paintings from Central Australia. Each artwork highlights the artist’s intimate knowledge of traditional stories relating to country and culture.

The centerpiece is the stunning black and white 2 metre x 2 metre artwork “Tali’ from Telstra award winning artist Lily Kelly Napangardi. The work reflects on the impact of the rain and the wind as it moves across the countryside in Lily’s homelands. The run-off from the rain makes a pattern of lines and furrows down the surface of the sand hills.

Other works of note include those from the 2014 Redland Prize winning artist Margaret Loy Pula. Known for her delicate detailing Margaret’s works resonate with a truly delicate texture. Depicting the story ‘Anatye’; the work portrays the woman’s role of gathering bush potatoes in the desert of Central Australia. 

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