'Elizabeth's Garden' | Jeff Makin

1st - 25th May 2019

OPENING NIGHT: Friday 10th May, 6-8pm

ARTIST TALK: Saturday 11th May, 2pm

Highly acclaimed landscape painter Jeff Makin returns to Brisbane with a series of works celebrating the lush surrounds of his own backyard in Central Victoria. The exhibition, 'Elizabeth's Garden'is a pictorial dedication to the garden’s caretaker Elizabeth - Jeff's wife of 48 years.

After 50 years depicting grand vistas, waterfalls and iconic landscapes, Makin has moved closer to home for his latest subject matter. Literally painting the view from his home studio, Makin explores a constant source of inspiration, his wife’s garden. 

Set in Chewton, Central Victoria, the Makin’s home and studio is surrounded by a lush garden that has come from years of hard work and devotion. In spring the Makin’s property is exploding with colour and life; vibrant gardens of roses, lavender, olive trees, fig trees and a plethora of flowers. Gardens have been a place of common ground for the couple and a constant in their lives, with cut flowers filling their home.For this series of artworks, Makin has choosen to leave the flowers where they are, offering a greater range of artistic expression, as he explains;

“I have chosen to leave them in the ground, rooted in their nurturing soil, thereby maintaining their identity as environment rather than collected specimens. This seems more natural, and for me helps for a freer interpretation away from strict empirical accuracy. The motif, is of course, the starting point, but as the painting progresses it is often romanced by abstract improvisation.”Elizabeth’s passion has become her husband’s muse.


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