David Hayes | The Butterfly Effect


David Hayes
Size: 60 x 45cm
Framed size: 63.5 x 48.5cm
synthetic polymer paint and resin on plywood


“These paintings were in my personal collection and recently took on new significance to me as I, like all of us, pondered the COVID pandemic.

We are in a global war against a common threat. ‘Four Star’ became relevant as I saw the levels of restriction move from level 3 to level 4 in Victoria. Army personnel have been conducting door to door quarantine checks in hotspots where children are inside playing with toys – the surrealism of these events resonated with me through this work.

‘The butterfly effect’ also immediately came to mind using the same metaphorical dialogue, but here we see a dangerous device in focus – similar in its potential to the coronavirus. The butterfly may represent the potential for a vaccine – so close but so uncertain. It also refers to human fragility both individual and global – with the effects still being assessed. I also reimagined it as representing the hope and optimism that we cling to.”

- David Hayes, 2012

More Information
Material synthetic polymer paint and resin on ply
Dimensions 60 x 45cm
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