Barney Ellaga | Awulunga A3390


Barney Ellaga
Size: 128 x 258cm
Acrylic on Linen

Barney Ellaga

“There’s a really big story for this one, even bigger than this painting. Both of these snakes are Wurat Bungu, the creation snake.

That dark face one is the woman and the light brown one is the man snake. The man one was travelling and when he got to Awulugu he was looking for that woman one. But she was gone. He looked inside that Awulugu cave and saw the eggs what she left. That’s the Awulugu spring next to it.

They’re both up on top of a big hill. He left there then and kept going , he went all over Arnhem land. He was making all that country, back in Dreamtime. That’s all I can say for this one. Biggest story for this one.”

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Materialacrylic on linen
Dimensions128 x 258cm
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