Mirra Whale

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Mirra Whale is a Sydney based artist who explores everyday, 'banal and commonplace' subjects and presents them from another angle.  

"There is a strange seduction and repulsion to meat as subject. Beauty of flesh – deep reds, blues, subtle pinks and lardy yellows, alluring layers of fat and marbled flesh, the supple tissue and firm sinewy textures. My paintings of meat celebrate life, but they also draw upon death. There is awareness that this was once a living animal, and now removed not only as subject, but as a food and substance, a staple for human consumption." Mirra Whale 2016.

Mirra gained a Bachelor of Fine Art in Printmaking at the National Art School in 2003, Diploma of Graphic Design and Communication in 2010, studied at Julian Ashton College 2011 and achieved Honours at the National Art School in 2012.

Mirra Whale has been a finalist of several art prizes including The Archibald Prize, Kedumba Drawing Award, Hurford Hardwood Portrait Prize, Salon Des Refuses, Portia Geach Portrait Prize, AME Bale Art Prize, Hornsby Art Prize, Mortimore Art Prize and the Manning Gallery Prize.

In 2011 she was the winner of the Royal Art Society North Sydney Drawing Prize.

'A FEAST FOR THE EYES' (2 - 26 AUG 2017)

'FODDER' (24 JULY - 17 AUG 2019)


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