Geoff Todd

Click here to view Geoff Todd's exhibition 'Beautiful Beasts'. Showing 2nd March - 2nd April 2016

Born in 1950 in Melbourne Australia, Geoff Todd had his first solo exhibition in 1969 at the age of 18. He continued to paint and exhibit his work in Melbourne and regional Victoria and was included in group exhibitions overseas.

He established himself as a serious young artist with acquisitions by the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria and numerous regional public galleries throughout Australia. In 1980 he became the first Melbourne artist appointed as artist in residence at the Victorian College of the Arts, a position normally reserved for interstate and overseas artists.

Well-known in the north of Australia, Asia and Europe, Geoff Todd is an artist who paints a dramatic personal perspective.

His strongly figurative work revolves around intimate, personal and often erotic connections with his subjects, while encompassing broader themes. Preoccupied by the nude, his bold and expressive art confronts difficult issues of national identity, Indigenous rights, sexuality, terrorism and war.

His work has been included in contemporary art exhibitions across the United States, Austria, Hong Kong and Italy.


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