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David Hayes

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David Hayes is a Brisbane based artist who works in acrylic and resin. His work is rooted in pop culture stylistically but explores the changing themes of masculinity via metaphors and juxtapositions of theme, colour and work titles.

David's content draws heavily on metaphorical objects to layer deeper questions and narratives as they relate to the human condition and negotiating current world events.

“I was raised with post WWII traditional stereotypes and now observe a different culture and the changing roles and identities of young men and women – none more so than my own children. They themselves represent the broader population. I am interested in asking questions and thinking about subjects that matter to me as a father and as a male – conflict, struggle, aggression, vulnerability, holding on, letting go – the human condition.” David Hayes 2016.

Some of his influences include traditional figures of the pop art movement including Warhol, Lichtenstein and Ramos, yet he continues to evolve the style with influences of current artists such as Kehinde Wiley, Richard Philips and Jeff Koons.

David Hayes has been a finalist in numerous art prizes including the Black Swan Art Prize, Blake Art Prize, Mosman Art Prize, Gallipoli Art Prize and the Brisbane Portrait Prize.






  1. David Hayes | Looking Up

    30 x 30cm

    synthetic polymer paint and resin on ply

  2. David Hayes | Lighten Up

    30 x 30cm

    synthetic polymer paint and resin on ply

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