Polly Ngale

Polly Ngale was born around 1940 at Utopia, approx 270kms north east of Alice Springs. She is part the Anmatyerre tribe. She was married to Ray Yeramba (dec) and now lives at Camel Camp on Utopia with her family. 

Polly is the sister of Kathleen and Angeline Pwerle, who are also established artists. Along with her sisters, Polly is a senior custodian of the Bush Plum (Arnwekety) Dreaming story.

In her paintings Polly depicts the bush plum using mainly shades of whites, reds, oranges and yellows to depict the contours of her country and the varying seasonal palette. She builds up layer upon layer of colour creating a multi-dimensional effect to reveal the bush plum and her country in all its glory. The bush plum grows all year and is collected by the Anmatyerre women. It has a pleasant sweet taste.


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