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Maximilian Daniels

Living and working in Sydney, Maximilian Daniels was encouraged from a young age to draw. Art has always been a part if his life and he became serious about his practice in high school and went on to gain his artistic training at the College of Fine Arts (COFA) at the University of NSW in Sydney where he finalised a double degree, one being his Bachelor of Arts in painting and drawing.

Maximilian Daniels recognises and explores cubist ideas of deconstructing form by using flattened areas of colour, shapes and line to portray the subject. Through the process of observational abstraction, he examines a stimulus and allows a relationship to develop between gesture, form and subject. The attributes of this process allow his work an air of spontaneity, energy and movement where his passion for painting as a physical action is conveyed strongly to his audience. Daniels believes intuition and expression to be an intrinsic part of creating work this way.

Over the last three years naval models of ships have serves as the basis to create work using this method of abstraction. The act of model making replicates ideas of deconstruction and reconstruction.

“The simple process of observing each model allows me to then form my own impression, expression and intuitive image.” Maximilian Daniels, 2016.

More recently, the sails onto which shadows cast by rigging and other equipment have become the main focus. His eye deconstructs the object drawing shapes and structures that translate to an image often divorced from its true physical form. These models are also of symbolic importance, representing his grandfather who crafted the meticulous models and the relationship between he and Daniels.

  1. Maximilian Daniels | Block and Tackle #1

    oil, acrylic and pastel on canvas

    101 x 101cm

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