Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri

Janelle Stockman Napaltjarri is the granddaughter of Billy Stockman, one of the original members of the early Papunya Tula artists. She lived at Arnkawenyerr, located in the Utopia region in Central Australia, however she also spent time at Papunya and Hermannsburg.

Janelle began painting in 2001 and her works are considered very contemporary in style. Unlike most Aboriginal artists her paintings works do not tell a story of her ancient dreamtime but are simply an expression of herself and her creative process. Her technique involved drawing upon all of the elements used by artists she had watched painting as a child.

She gained her inspiration through the landscape, stories from her past and her dream to be a famed artist like her grandfather.

Her work has been admired by many and featured in exhibitions nationally and internationally, as well as being represented in collections throughout Australia.

Sadly, Janelle passed away in November 2009.

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