Idris Murphy

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Sydney-based painter Idris Murphy is a renowned landscape artist known for his intimate understanding of the Australian landscape. Sitting somewhere between abstraction and figurative, Murphy’s paintings explore a deep connection to the Australian landscape in aim of capturing the spirit of a place, rather than likeness.

Idris Murphy is one of Australia’s highly respected artists. Early in his career, Murphy received a travel scholarship provided by Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, judged by Fred Williams. Now his work is held in the public collections of the National Gallery of Australia, National Library of Australia, Federal Parliament House Art Collection and the Art Gallery of NSW, State Library of New South Wales and the State Library of Queensland.

In 2014 he was awarded the Gallipoli Art Prize and more recently, he was one of the featured artists in the SBS documentary Two Thirds Sky- Artists in Desert Country.

Petite |  Art Exhibition 13th Nov - 21st Dec 2019

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