Hermannsburg Potters

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The Western Arrernte community of Ntaria (Hermannsburg) is based at the remote foothills of the Western MacDonnell ranges, 130 kilometres west of Alice Springs, Central Australia. The township itself is the home of approximately 700 people, and the hub for 37 regional outstations, or ‘homelands.’

An area with a rich and distinctive visual art history, the Hermannsburg Potters have established an iconic ceramic artform that has been heavily influenced by culture, history and the landscape paintings of Albert Namatjira. The potters have been acquired by major collections all over Australia and internationally.

Some of the artists include; Anita Ratara Mbitjana, Dawn Wheeler Ngala, Hayley Coulthard Panangka, Irene Entata Mbitjana, Judith Inkamala Pungkarta, Lindy Rontji Panangka, Rahel Ungwananka Kngwarria, Rona Rubuntja Panangka, Sonia Davis

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