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Gloria Petyarre

Gloria Petyarre is a dynamic force in Australian art. Throughout her career, Gloria has been an ambassador for the art of her region and her highly innovative and direct style has placed her in a unique position within the Contemporary Aboriginal art movement.

Gloria paints the traditional women business subjects, which are predominant in Utopia. Her main dreamings are the Mountain Devil Lizard, Bean, Emu, Pencil Yam, Grass Seed, Small Brown Grass, Bush Medicine Leaves as well as traditional body paint designs worn by the women. Gloria’s paintings are distinguishable for their well defined segments filled with curved lines, which evoke a strong rhythmic quality and a dynamic optical intensity.

Her signature work “Bush Medicine Leaves” remains the most popular in the market.

In 1999 Gloria Petyarre won the prestigious Wynne Prize, reaffirming her position as one of the most talented and well-known Aboriginal artists.  She has also been selected as finalist several times in the Telstra Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award in the Northern Territory.

Gloria’s works have featured extensively in major public and corporate collections, including the Robert Holmes a’ Court Collection, The National Gallery of Australia and the Museum of Victoria.

  1. Gloria Petyarre | Medicine Leaves MK18146

    60 x 80cm

    acrylic on linen

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