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Angelina Ngale

Angelina Ngale lives at Utopia, located 240km north east of Alice Springs in Central Australia. Angelina began producing batiks in the 1980’s as part of the formative Utopian Batik project. She was formerly known as Angelina Pwerle (her husband’s name), however she is now referred to as Angelina Ngale.

Angelina began painting as part of the CAAMA “Summer Project” in 1988 - 1989, and was included in the first exhibition of Utopia women’s paintings held in Alice Springs. Her sisters Polly and Kathleen are also accomplished artists.

Angelina is a senior custodian and shares great responsibility as a keeper of the cultural knowledge for their country at Arlparra, located in the heart of Utopia. She depicts many of the traditional stories from her family dreamings.

 Angelina Ngale is also skilled in producing wooden sculptures and was influenced by her late husband and the older brother of Cowboy Loy Pula, also an artists from the Utopia community.

  1. Athem-Aranya (Women Dancing) A15954

    120 x 120cm

    acrylic on linen

  2. Athem-Aranya (Women Dancing) A16620

    90 x 90cm

    acrylic on linen

  3. Anwekety (Bush Plum) A16328

    90 x 90cm

    acrylic on linen

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