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'Monochrome' Art Exhibition

Mitchell Fine Art presents ‘Monochrome’ an exhibition exploring the enduring theme of black and white artworks. Black and white adds a timeless fine art appeal to an image. Painting in black and white focuses an artist to concentrate on the elements of composition and form. The exhibition showcases artworks from a range Australian artists who utilise this classic tonal effect.

Tis exhibition is a collection of Contemporary and Aboriginal artworks that highlights the use of a Monochrome theme to create a timeless and elegant look. Classic, clean and inherently chic, a black and white colour combination makes any room sophisticated.

Artists on display: Bernard Ollis, Carlos BarriosMargaret Loy PulaMirra WhaleAbie Loy Kemarre, Dorothy Napangardi, Lily Kelly Napangardi, Judy Watson Napangardi, Eva Nelson Napaltjarri, Kay Rubuntja Naparrula and Anna Price Petyarre

  1. Ningura Napurrula | Wirrulgna A10072

    90 x 120cm

    acrylic on linen

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