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'Trajectory' | David Hayes

25th Oct - 18th Nov 2017

Flowers and Bullets - an unlikely mix but a metaphor explored by artist David Hayes in his first solo exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art in Fortitude Valley.

‘Trajectory’ represents David Hayes’ fascination with the human condition and the many barriers we erect to deflect and hide our self-perceived failings. This exhibition is loaded with metaphors for life’s journey as Hayes tries to understand these complex behaviours.

“In this body of work I have a continuing fascination with human vulnerability. We develop layers upon layers of external barriers, defence mechanisms if you will, to protect our frailties and our vulnerabilities. Yet it is possibly these hidden qualities that are our most beautiful.” David Hayes 2017

At first glance with his highly constructed imagery and detail, Hayes presents the viewers with vibrant still life assemblages. Delving a little deeper, David Hayes has juxtaposed both masculine and feminine elements creating a tension within the works that viewers are invited to decipher.

It raises more questions than answers as the viewer composes their own narrative referring to their own life experiences.


  1. David Hayes - First Day of Spring - 125x125cm Sold
    David Hayes | First Day of Spring

    125 x 125cm

    acrylic and resin on aluminium composite

  2. David Hayes - Honeymoon Glow - 125x125cm Sold
    David Hayes | Honeymoon Glow

    125 x 125cm

    acrylic and resin on aluminium composite

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