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'Primaveral' | Aboriginal and Contemporary Art Exhibition

2nd Sep - 3rd Oct 2020

As we move into spring Mitchell Fine Art presents an eclectic exhibition of artworks that celebrates the resilience of our artistic community. 2020 has set a number of challenges that have altered our world immeasurably. One thing that hasn’t changed is that artists continue to create and find new meaning in their work.

‘Primaveral’ is defined as ‘of or taking place in early spring’ therefore it is only fitting that the change in season is the perfect time to discover what creations have evolved during these times.

From pop art to delicate still lifes, ‘Primaveral’ explores a range of genres, times, themes and forms.

Artists include: Ann Thomson, Bernard Ollis, Carlos Barrios, David Hayes, Franck Gohier, George Gittoes, Jeff Makin, Margaret Loy Pula, Matthew Cheyne, Min-Woo Bang, Mirra Whale, Peter Hudson, Steve Lopes, Stewart MacFarlane, Adrian Jangala Robertson, Annalisa Ferraris, Idris Murphy, Kim Wilson and Maximilian Daniels.

  1. Adrian Jangala Robertson | Yalpirakinu 483-15

    30.5 x 30.5cm

    acrylic on canvas (stretched)

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