'Natural Perspective' | Deirdre Bean

21 Aug - 14 Sep 2019

The intricacies of nature are the focus for watercolour artist Deirdre Bean in her first solo exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art. Internationally awarded for her intricate botanical illustrations, Bean takes attention to detail to another level. Fine, scientifically accurate drawings taken from life have been painstakingly developed over extended periods of time. 

As Bean explains, “as I work, I develop an intimate relationship with my subjects over many hours of close inspection.”

Always attracted to the intricacies of natural, Bean has delved into the minute details of our natural world, revealing intricate details that the eye sometimes misses. As she explains, whether it is the veins of a cicada wing, the stamens of an artichoke flower, or the whorls of a cowrie shell. The tiny details are so appealing to me.”

In her works, Bean has combined the natural world with human manufactured elements creating what she refers to as ‘uncommon portraits’. Constructing different meaning by adding utensils from everyday life to a classic botanical illustration. Antique spoons sit beside specimens of intricate flowers, an orange persimmon sit in contrast to fine blue china cup. 

“I have chosen to combine common elements of the natural world with utensils of daily life, most having been part of my family’s household for many years. I have selected pieces to sit beside each other as companions in still life compositions, most with a considered personal story.”

These quizzical combinations reflect a nostalgic personal story but one that can be shared. These antique, quirky, forgotten items can trigger recollections of precious memories for many of the viewers.


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