2019 Exhibition Calendar

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Bernard Ollis exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art

Director’s Choice | Ann Thomson & Peter Hudson
30th January – 23rd February 

Margaret Loy Pula (at Orange Regional Gallery, NSW) 
8th February – 24th March 

Nancy Kunoth Petyarre
27th February – 23rd March 

Bernard Ollis 
27th March – 27th April

Jeff Makin 
1st – 25th May 

Carlos Barrios
29th May – 22nd June 

Patrick Tjungurrayi 
26th June – 20th July

Mirra Whale 
24th July – 17th August 

Deirdre Bean
21st August – 14th September 

David Hayes 
18th September – 12th October 

'Tjapaltjarri Mankurrpa' | Thomas, Walala & Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri 
16th Oct – 9th November 

Petite | Aboriginal and Contemporary Group Exhibition
13th Nov – 21st December 2019

*Dates may be subject to change

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