2019 Exhibition Calendar

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The gallery also holds a series of Exhibition Openings and Artists Talks whereby art lovers have the opportunity to engage with the artists and learn about their artistic practices and inspiration.

Bernard Ollis exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art

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Director’s Choice | Ann Thomson & Peter Hudson

30th January – 23rd February 2019

Margaret Loy Pula 
at Orange Regional Gallery, NSW 
8th February – 24th March 2019

Nancy Kunoth Petyarre
27th February – 23rd March 2019

Bernard Ollis 
27th March – 27th April 2019

Jeff Makin 
1st – 25th May 2019

Carlos Barrios
29th May – 22nd June 2019

Patrick Tjungurrayi 
26th June – 20th July 2019

Mirra Whale 
24th July – 17th August 2019

Deirdre Bean
21st August – 14th September 2019

David Hayes 
18th September – 12th October 2019

Tjapaltjarri Mankurrpa - Thomas, Walala & Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri 
16th Oct – 9th November 2019

13th Nov – 21st December 2019














*Dates may be subject to change

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