Min-Woo Bang (Sofitel)

Aug - Oct 2015

Born in Seoul, Min-Woo Bang attended the South Korean National Art High School before immigrating to New South Wales. Min-Woo gained a Diploma of Fine Arts in 1993 and has a Bachelor and Masters in Visual Arts. Nature, mist, aura and atmosphere are key elements in his works. Min-Woo Bang transforms each canvas into a visual concept of time and memory by smudging images of trees and enveloping them in a fine mist and subtle light. Inspired by the Blue Mountains and its surroundings, Min-Woo Bangs signature themes are misty landscapes with a soft focus effect. "When I paint trees, sky or misty landscapes on canvas with layers by layers, this act of brushing transforms into an act of meditation”, says Min-Woo. “In this way I am trying to feel the nature in which I am experiencing”. A finalist in several art awards including the 2015 Muswellbrook Art Prize in NSW and the 2015 and 2016 Tattersall's Club Landscape Art Prize in Brisbane. He is one of Australia’s emerging new talents.

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