'Painting White Light' | George Gittoes

1st - 12th Oct 2019

Legendary director and artist George Gittoes presents a first-hand account of the people and politics of Chicago’s deadly gangland in his new documentary ‘White Light’. Gittoes has filmed in some of the world’s most fierce and dangerous war zones, but Englewood on Chicago’s South side may be his most dangerous work to date.

The exhibition ‘Painting White Light’ depicts the characters and neighbourhood of Englewood, arguably the most violent neighbourhood in America. These paintings document the story of this deeply troubled section of society.  George Gittoes spent 18 months living and working in Englewood befriending gang members to create his film. Gittoes has documented the gun violence that permeates American society. 

“The South side of Chicago is called ‘Chiraq’ by the locals, because more people get shot there than the American soldiers did in the Iraq war’, says Gittoes. His latest film and paintings follow several characters that are either a part of the gang culture in this notorious neighbourhood or who have been directly affected by it.

The exhibition coincides with the screening of George Gittoes latest film White Light’ at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival.

White Light will screen at QAGOMA on Saturday 5th October 2019 from 10.45am. 


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