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'TWENTY' | Female Group Show

10 November - 22 December 2021

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A group exhibition showcasing the depth and diversity of the gallery’s stable of female artists is showing at Mitchell Fine Art in Fortitude Valley from November 10th.

The final exhibition for 2021, ‘Twenty’ is an eclectic collection of represented, gallery and invited artists and includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, and ceramics.

Celebrating the artistic skill of this group the exhibition takes its name from the number of artists that are included.

Showcasing both Aboriginal and Contemporary artworks, the exhibition highlights include abstract paintings by Ann Thomson and intricately detailed artworks of Margaret Loy Pula.

Newly represented Brisbane artist Kim Wilson also features new artworks in the exhibition. Kim Wilson’s practice is deeply imbedded within her love of and desire to preserve our natural world. Heavily influenced by her extensive travels, her artwork is saturated with a desire to present sublime imagery of our delicate environment. Her inclusion in this group show is a lead in to her first solo show at Mitchell Fine Art in 2022.

The exhibition introduces three new artists to the gallery viewing – Holly Anderson, Margaret McIntosh and Miriam Innes. This wonderful selection of diverse and talented artists creates an exciting end to the galleries exhibiting year.

  1. Margaret McIntosh | A Good Time to Look

    62 x 74cm

    oil on board

  2. MIRRA WHALE | Paper Daisies, Peas and Fork

    76 x 92cm

    charcoal on linen

  3. Miriam Innes | Structures Found in Paris IV

    90 x 40cm

    charcoal on synthetic paper mounted on linen

  4. Miriam Innes | Structures Found in Paris II

    185 x 65cm

    charcoal on synthetic paper mounted on linen

  5. Miriam Innes | Structures Found in Paris I

    185 x 65cm

    charcoal on synthetic paper mounted on linen

  6. Annalisa Ferraris | Modernists Lap Pool

    110.5 x 186cm

    oil on board

  7. Miriam Innes | NY Petites 20 - Twin Tanks

    25 x 32.5cm

    charcoal on fabriano paper

  8. Miriam Innes | NY Petites 8 - Crane & 2 Tanks

    32.5 x 25cm

    charcoal on fabriano paper

  9. Annalisa Ferraris | Hallway for lovers

    40 x 25cm

    oil on board

  10. Annalisa Ferraris | Green wall with faded blue sign

    30 x 20cm

    oil on board


    75 x 152cm

    acrylic on linen

  12. mirra whale | Pink climbing roses on Campbell Lane

    53 x 43cm

    oil on linen

  13. Janet Golder Kngwarreye | Bush Leaves MK18020

    119 x 120.5cm

    acrylic on linen

  14. Narpula Scobie Napurrula | Womens Dreaming MK16659

    90 x 90cm

    acrylic on linen

  15. Maggie Yilpi | Witchetty Grub A16630

    120 x 120cm

    acrylic on linen

  16. Maggie Yilpi | Seven Sisters MK16908

    90 x 90cm

    acrylic on linen

  17. Evelyn Pultara | Bush Yam Dreaming MK17607

    40 x 88cm

    acrylic on linen

  18. Betty Club Mpetyane | My Mothers Story MK18060

    122 x 182.5cm

    acrylic on linen

  19. kim Wilson | Rosellas

    26.5 x 19.5cm

    oil on board

  20. Margaret McIntosh | Near Where the Car Broke Down

    72 x 81.5cm

    oil on board

  21. Ann thomson | Yellow Catch

    76 x 71cm

    acrylic on linen

  22. Christine Christophersen | Waramutamunji (the Creator)

    200 x 250cm

    acrylic on canvas

  23. Annalisa Ferraris | Study for Half Drained Pool

    32.5 x 124.5cm 

    oil on board

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