'Eternity' | David Hayes

18 Sept - 12 Oct 2019

The exploration of the human condition forms the foundation for a new series of works from Brisbane based artist David Hayes.  Following on from his first sell out exhibition, Hayes focuses on the influences of our rapidly shrinking global village in his second solo exhibition showing from September 18th.

In this exhibition David Hayes explores what it is that makes us human and how that is being altered or manipulated. In this period of incredibly rapid social, political and technological change how are we being affected both as individuals and as a society. 

Through his paintings, Hayes is closely examining the relationship between the global and the personal; strength and vulnerability and how they are inextricably linked. “We haven’t changed biologically in over 2000 years, yet our world has changed at a more rapid rate than at any time in history; globalisation, connectivity, automation, innovation, political and social shifts" says Hayes.

Exquisitely delicate flowers sprout from or encapsulate military ephemera, confusing the normal understanding of what we consider representations of the strong and powerful or the weak and vulnerable. Artworks with a glossy veneer together with a bright candy palette provides the viewer with an initial sense of familiarity and fun, often belying the deeper narrative of subject matter. 

"In an age of rapid change, how are we effected individually? How similar are the ebbs and flows we experience as a community to those experienced individually.” observes Hayes.

David Hayes’ outlook is one of positivity and wonder of the human spirit. He considers how throughout all the upheaval, division, destruction and disruption, the human spirit has endured, adapted and continued throughout eternity. 


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