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'EDGE' | Annalisa Ferraris, Maximilian Daniels, Kudditji Kngwarreye

29 November – 22 December 2022

The exhibition ‘EDGE’, showcases the artworks of three hard edged painters: Sydney artists Annalisa Ferraris and Maximillian Daniels, and Central Australian Indigenous artist Kudditji Kngwarreye.

Their paintings are interpretations of an artform that combines hard edged geometric compositions, the use of intense colour palettes and a fearless approach to colour field painting.

The apparent simplicity of these artworks disguises the research, contemplation and thought behind the artist’s practice.

Annalisa Ferraris’ artworks are minimalist compositions designed to evoke a sense of place or consciousness and are not intended to be a depiction of a specific location. Her intention is to elicit a feeling, a memory, an emotion. A conjuring of either memories or a place that we would like to be.

Maximillian Daniels has spent the best part of a decade experimenting with the relationship and interdependence between light and colour. Using up to 35 layers of colour in a single work, Daniels explores the union of fields of colour, light and luminosity.

Kudditji Kngwarreye’s paintings are a depiction of country. These works were all created as the artist approached his 80th year. With no formal training in composition or colour theory his paintings are an intuitive response to his homelands and culture.

  1. Maximilian Daniels | Sunset

    156 x 217cm

    oil on canvas

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