Directors Choice 2023

30 January - 25 February 2023

Mitchell Fine Art begins its 2023 gallery exhibition calendar year with the personally curated exhibition ‘Director's Choice’ showing from January 30th.

Gallery Director Mike Mitchell has selected artworks from the Gallery’s collection showcasing a mix of Australian contemporary and Aboriginal art. The exhibition highlights the gallery’s diverse stockroom and includes artists that will be exhibited in 2023.

There are several standout artworks in the exhibition including large scale black and white charcoal artworks by Queensland artist Miriam Innes, a contemporary abstract three metre by two metre Indigenous artwork by Wynne prize finalist George Tjungurrayi and a landscape painting by Margaret McIntosh, who will show in an exhibition in May.

‘Directors Choice’ also features some of the finest examples of work by Carlos Barrios, Kudditji Kngwarreye, Minnie PwerleMin-Woo Bang, Mirra Whale, Paddy Stewart TjapaltjarriPeter Hudson, Polly NgaleStewart MacFarlane and Willy Tjungurrayi

** There will be no opening events for this exhibition.

  1. Willy Tjungurrayi | Kungka Juta A16178

    120 x 120cm

    acrylic on linen

  2. George Tjungurrayi | Tingari A14003

    200 x 300cm

    acrylic on linen

  3. Peter Hudson | Swimming at Night (diptych)

    40 x 186cm

    oil on board

  4. Peter Hudson | Elephant and Crescent Moon

    94 x 88.5cm

    oil on board

  5. Miriam Innes | Contemplating Soho

    71 x 90cm

    charcoal on arches paper

  6. Carlos Barrios | Party with Animales

    164 x 126cm

    mixed media on linen

  7. Carlos Barrios | La Pachamama

    124 x 184cm

    oil on linen

  8. Miriam Innes | Structures Found in Paris II

    185 x 65cm

    charcoal on synthetic paper mounted on linen

  9. Miriam Innes | Structures Found in Paris I

    185 x 65cm

    charcoal on synthetic paper mounted on linen

  10. Carlos Barrios | Mother & Child I

    99 x 82cm

    mixed media on paper

  11. Margaret McIntosh | Near Where the Car Broke Down

    72 x 81.5cm

    oil on board

  12. Stewart MacFarlane | Pinnacles, Arkaroola (Flinders)

    43 x 53cm

    oil on canvas

  13. Stewart MacFarlane | High Tide

    121.5 x 146.5cm

    oil on canvas

  14. Min-Woo Bang | Ancient Rocks

    53 x 103cm

    oil on linen


    335 x 205cm

    acrylic on linen

  16. Min-Woo Bang | Dancing Clouds

    104.5 x 104.5cm

    oil on linen

  17. Min-Woo Bang | A Curious Mind

    64 x 54cm

    oil on linen

  18. Kudditji Kngwarreye | My Country A14368

    150 x 160cm

    acrylic on linen

  19. Polly Ngale | Anwekety (Bush Plum) A16342

    140 x 140cm

    acrylic on linen

  20. Paddy Stewart Tjapaltjarri | Possum & Native Cat MK16922

    120 x 180cm

    acrylic on linen

  21. Minnie Pwerle | Awelye (Body Painting) A6220

    90 x 120cm

    acrylic on linen

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